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Definition of safety and hygiene technician:

The role of the Higher Technician in Safety and Hygiene at Work is the preservation of the psychophysical integrity of the human being during the development of their work activities, avoiding possible accidents and preventing situations detected as insecure. Adequate prevention, the main objective for the comprehensive health care of workers.

Career objective

To train a trained professional that can act efficiently in the prevention of work accidents and the continuous improvement of working conditions.

Functions and tasks: Some of the functions that can be performed are the following: ·          Plan and organize activities related to safety and hygiene in work environments. ·          Design processes, jobs, devices, facilities, equipment and products, with a preventive and ergonomic approach, to be used in work environments.·         Manage the resources of the health and safety services of the organizations, making the documentation demanded by the corresponding inspection bodies. ·          Evaluate and control, carrying out the processes of measurement and supervision, aspects related to hygiene and safety at work.

  • Manage the company policy regarding safety, hygiene at work.
  • Prepare reports and maintain statistics.

  Work areas: 

Can perform in the security and hygiene services of the most diverse organizations, such as industrial, commercial, construction services, and labor activities in general. 
He is able to act as an external advisor to these organizations, providing advice according to the regulations and legislation in force, intervening preventively to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. 

It stands out because it carries out a series of actions and analysis with the clear objective of finding work methods with greater efficiency results, the selection of the best men for each position and also the training to achieve the desired objectives. 

Career curriculum:

The Health and Safety professional  plays a key and vitally important role in an organization since it must implement actions that avoid occupational accidents and diseases, of high cost and impact for people and organizations.

For this you must understand human behavior and know the processes that are developed in the company in order to implement effective prevention measures.

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