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The importance of communication in a company

Communication is the main tool for proper functioning in a company. Keeping all employees informed of the decisions the company makes will generate a sense of belonging and collaboration, this will have multiple benefits for workers and the organization. Knowing how to communicate and communicate well is the main key to understanding between people or groups. Within companies, there must always be a correct communication that keeps all workers informed. Many times problems are generated because there is no correct flow of information or ideas. I believe that keeping employees of a company informed about decisions and actions taken by management, creates motivation in individuals, by feeling an important part of the company and that is counted on for important decisions that will determine the future of the company. There must be adequate channels for internal staff to be aware of what is happening, whether through email, bulletin boards, meetings, etc., and also that the message to be transmitted is the clearest possible for company personnel. We can differentiate between internal communication and external communication of the organization, but first it is necessary to know who we are and what we do, that is, to define the culture and philosophy of communication that encompasses their values, attitudes, beliefs and experiences. Once we have this clear, it is time to define how our communication strategies will be.

Regarding internal communication, that is, communication between the members of the organization, it is important to take into account what we want to say and how we want to say it, and in what way the message is transmitted better knowing that there is a difference between what is receives and what is perceived.

Regarding external communication, the importance lies in projecting, promoting and reinforcing the image of the organization, publicizing our projects or activities.

Good communication is one in which active listening is practiced. Do not forget that the most important thing in a communication process is not what you want to say, but what the other person understands. Communication is divided into two broad categories: verbal and non-verbal communication. The meaning of the message can vary with a minimum twist of the tone of voice or facial or body expression. On the Internet, the message is even more difficult to interpret, since the rules of expression are ambiguous, although little by little they are standardized, such as the use of capital letters to express that they are shouting. These rules must be taken into account to make good communication.


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