As part of the Safety and Hygiene training undertaken by the Chamber of Expectors of the Province of Salta, a fire drill was carried out at a short distance from a Service Station.

    The operation included car´s burning and several large objects
    The operation, had as its central axis,  the fact of demonstrating tothe society that the modern fire extinguishing system with equipment used in the Air Navigation industry, is suitable for the prevention of accidents with fire that may affect any establishment selling hydrocarbons or CNG.
    The operation that involved the burning of a car and several large objects in the town of Campo de la Cruz, was carried out at decisive moments for the Salta Service Stations that have to renew the ratings and propose as a safe alternative, the same method that is used in the most important airports of the world.
    That consist of a diversity of mobile foam equipment, which allows covering services according to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the approval extended by the National Civil Aviation Administration, which is already used successfully in Santa Service Stations. Faith and other regions of Latin America.

    Organized jointly by the Chamber of Service Stations, the volunteer firemen and the company SEPAC SA, with the support of the Argentine Army, the presence of authorities of the Government of Salta and executives of the main oil companies. The event also served for the Chiefs of the Superintendence of Firemen of the Provincial Police, that also observed the details of the equipment.
    “This equipment is very fast, versatile and portable, so it allows to initiate immediate control and is ideal for achieving results in the prevention of fire in a Service Station”, expressed to, Commander Juan Chávez, Chief of the Volunteer Firemen.

    He considered that the safety systems of the vending machines are very important and the foam extinguishers are “one hundred percent recommendable for their use in the field and thanks to the demonstrations that we had today, all our doubts about the effectiveness of this technology were evacuated” , he alleged.

    On the other hand, the Manager of the Chamber, Edgardo Romero, stated: “the attendance to the simulation exceeded the expectations because all the actors of the civil society and the institutional forces participated, with the supervision of municipal and provincial authorities”.

    The director thanked the good social reception and professionalism for all of whom were in this work and concluded by saying: “We are very pleased with the commitment of all those who accompanied the initiative.”
    I believe that in all the stations of the country they should do fire drills once a year and train all the personnel in case of emergency, so that they know how to use the extinguishers and how to act.

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